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24/7 Chat Support offers the Best in Class Livechat Support Software plus Live Agents hosted locally over a secure network. We operate 24/7 to provide fast, high quality services to our clients. 

About us

24/7 Chat Support is founded by people who have experienced the need for customized 24/7 Livechat Support solutions. Our experienced chat support agents are managed by American professionals with high quality standards. In addition, our client base consists of a wide range of international companies that are specializing in various industries. It is our mission to a provide a reliable software  and high quality customer support services around the clock at low cost.

247 livechat support

Why choose us?​

Live chat seems like an emerging trend and a strong competitor over other communication channels. By adding 247CS Livechat Support Software plus Live Agents to your site, you create a new way to proactively help your website visitors in choosing the right products or services that suits their needs. Providing fast, high quality and superior customer service, we will turn your website visitors into loyal customers.


We have our in-house Livechat Software plus Live Agents for e-commerce sales, customer support, lead generation and more.


You can see which pages your website visitors access and where they came from, also the search engine and keywords they use to find you.


We invest time, money and effort in training our livechat agents in order to meet the increasing expectations of our clients.


Our livechat agents are available any time of the day to serve you and your business. We are operating non-stop in order to provide quality services.

Our goal is to help you provide real-time, personalized communication to your website visitors. There are many features of LiveChat Support Helpdesk that we can offer. Here are some that are applicable in all categories of businesses.
01. Ticketing System
Our LiveChat Helpdesk has come with its own Ticketing System. This allows you to have an organized capturing of tickets, categorizing them accordingly and escalating them to the right live agent. Through this, we ensure to meet your customer expectations and provide your business with satisfied customers who will express their satisfaction through loyalty.
02. Customization
247CS Livechat Software can be customized to give an extra professional vibe to your website visitors. With this feature, you can add the logo of your company and customize the livechat box according to your preferences. You can also change the greeting text as well as the color and style that would match your site. Thus, your website visitors will know that they are contacting the right people.
03. Canned Messages
Canned messages are pre-formatted responses to FAQs. Since customer queries are mostly the same and typing the same responses over and over again can be tiring, this livechat feature allows the live agent to save time and respond quickly to customers. As a result, it increases the productivity of the live agent as well as the team's efficiency, allowing them to provide faster resolution.
04. File Transfer
File transfer is a powerful tool that helps you get a better and faster understanding of what your visitors are trying to explain. This feature allows both the livechat agent and the customer to easily attach and exchange files (documents, screenshots/photos, videos, etc.) during a chat session. File sharing via Livechat helps you improve chat efficiency and increase case resolutions.
It is our top priority to maintain information confidentiality of our clients. We always thrive to keep a secure internet connection, thus preventing frauds from reading and modifying any information transferred which can include personal details such as credit card numbers and other financial information, names and addresses. We never treat this concept lightly nor overlook it.
06. Chatbots
Chatbots are built for a purpose of having conversations with humans through internet, 24/7. Additionally, they are designed to respond to customers’ questions and provide faster solution. You should think of adding chatbots to your site specifically if you have a large number of customers and you need to reduce your customer service cost and find a way to improve your customer support.


Reduce cost and increase productivity

Companies that uses livechat support are able to increase productivity by having chat agents handle multiple sessions simultaneously. This benefit called concurrency saves companies an enormous amount of production cost, as it allows fewer livechat agents to serve the same amount of customers as a larger team of voice support do.

Higher customer satisfaction rate

Fast, quality responses results to satisfied customers. Hence, we added personalized canned messages feature to our Livechat Support Software. Canned messaged allows our livechat agents to respond quickly to customers eventually boosting team’s efficiency that results to higher satisfaction rate.

Provides real-time response to customers

E-mail support can take up to 24-hour to receive a response. Contrarily, 247CS Livechat Support plus Live Agents can provide real-time, quality responses to your website visitors any time of the day.

24-hour Livechat support

E-mail support can take up to 24-hour to receive a response. Contrarily, 247CS Livechat Support can provide real-time, quality responses to your website visitors any time of the day.

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